As a designer, my interests lie within the creation of industrial furniture and interior products. Research,experiments, prototyping and playfulness are essential components of my working practice, vital for the development of my projects and for their transition from an artistic, conceptual study into a final and economically feasible product.

I am deeply intrigued by the variation found within the eld of design, as design is something that is not necessarily based on appeasing aesthetics or de ned functionality, but originating from the need to give form to an idea, or a solution to a problem. I believe that the most interesting and important ideas are realised early on during a project’s abstract and experimental phase. Model making plays a key role within my designs, along with illustrating narratives, altering materials, critical thinking and utilizing an analytical approach throughout the entirety of my creative process.

I am proficient with creation on a large or small scale and due to my background in business I am able to coherently integrate rational thinking with a creative mindset, which allows me to execute artistic ideas in a commercial and practical way. I am a curious individual as any designer should be, intrigued by unexpected outcomes, observant, hard working and piqued by engaging design which sets out to push the envelope. 



Valentin von Klot-Heydenfeldt  
+49 175 591 0142